Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Coolest Light Painting Tool I’ve Ever Seen | Photofocus

The Coolest Light Painting Tool I've Ever Seen

I must admit…  I dig long exposure (particularly light painting).  I'm also into time-lapse.  It takes a lot for me to give to a Kickstarter campaign (particularly if I don't know the folks).  It takes even more for me to write about it (guys, this better work… or we'll have issues).
Okay, disclaimers aside… I present Pixelstick.

"Pixelstick reads images created in Photoshop (or the image editor of your choice) and displays them one line at a time, creating endless possibilities for abstract and/or photorealistic art. Taking this one step further, Pixelstick can increment through a series of images over multiple exposures, opening up light painting to the world of time-lapse, and allowing for animations the likes of which have never before seen."
The full package contains:
  • LED PCBs (198 LEDs total)
  • Two 3' aluminum extrusion with connecting bracket & diffusion lens
  • Handle with foam grip and rotating sleeve
  • Controller box with connecting cables and clips
  • Battery holder (AA Batteries not included)
  • Carry bag
I've already signed up to get one (as well as take their workshop in NYC).  The unit is not expected until May of 2014.  I promise a full review when it's received.   There's a little over 30 days left in the campaign. If you want one, pledge $300.
Yeah… it's crazy.  But I'm excited to see what's possible and commend the team at Bitbanger Labs for pushing the envelope until it burst.
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