Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Focus Stacking with Helicon Remote & Focus

I first heard about focus stacking a few years ago.  I thought is would be a cool way to try out extending the "in focus" depth of field on an image.  I tried a few times on my own but did not really succeed.

My Dad always told me you need the right tools for the job, enter Helicon with two programs called Remote and Focus.

Remote, is just that, a remote control for your camera.  Looking at all the bells and whistles on the screen can intimidate you but basically all you really need to know is how to set a close focus point and a far focus point.  The software and camera do the rest!

When the images are collected, you can push a button that opens them in Focus.  Another one button press will assemble the images so that the "in-focus" parts of each are visible in the final product.

Practicing with the software for a just a few shots will make you look like an expert.

Watch for more to come!

See some of my first images here:

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