Tuesday, January 24, 2017

If you subscribe to the Adobe CC package for Photographers ($9.99) per month, you already know that you get LR, PS, Bridge and a few other programs.   

What many of us have overlooked is LR Mobile!  

Ever wanted your own photography website without the hassle of creating one?  Keep Reading….

LR Mobile automatically integrates with LR Desktop - it syncs the Collections that you want it to.  Simply by right clicking on a collection and choose sync!
What this does is gives you almost instant access to those images on your mobile devices. 

It ALSO gives creates a photo website of your own that you can share with your family and friends!  


Download the Adobe LR Mobile App on Android or APPLE
See, control and edit your images right on your tablet or phone!!!
All your edits..... YES they are transferred back to your computer!!!

Here is one of my LR Collections
you will notice you can click on each image, or play a slideshow with the button at the top right of the screen
There is no music yet but who knows maybe adobe will surprise later on.


1- Make sure while in LR Desktop you are Signed into LR Mobile
2- Create a collection of some images
3-Right Click on the Collection Name and choose SYNC WITH LR MOBILE
4- Right Click AGAIN on the Same Collection Name choose LR Mobile Links
5- Copy Public Link
6- Share the link

Note if the link is not already public, choose view on the web and click on the GEAR next to the name so that you can set the sharing settings

Happy Sharing

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