Saturday, July 1, 2017


I was offered an opportunity to review a new software for old pictures!
Unfortunately the software only works on PC at this time, but I was so excited about trying it I borrowed a laptop from my photo club.

The software is from Vivid-Pix, a company that makes some specialty software called Land and Sea which auto enhances every day as well as underwater photos.
Land and Sea Scuba is geared towards photographers who are divers.
Check out all of their software here

But the software package Im talking about in this review is called Restore.

Its designed to quickly process many old family photos that are faded and off color.  The interface is simple and easy.  You simply select the photo(s) that you want and are quickly presented with a 9 varietes of your first photo.  You just select the one that looks best, if your happy your done.  If you want you can also tweak lightness, contrast, sharpness RGB Values and more.  When you see what you like you just press the save key and you are then presented immediately with the next image to edit.

Restore is a great way to get you started especially if you have a lot of photos to edit.  I tried it on my family photos and it appears that I can get very close to a fully restored photo.  I believe that some images may require additional editing in photoshop or lightroom but it will certainly give you a great start.

Overall I really like this software.  It's a great easy way to edit old pics.

Please look at the Before / After  photos below to see the results I got.
Im pleased with the result.

The Good:
Easy and Fast to process a photo.
You can try it for free!

Whats Lacking:

Sharpening- While there is a how much to sharpen adjustment inside "preferences" there is only a on or off adjustment for this as you edit each photo.  I would prefer the addition of s sharpening slider as you edit each photo.  Note there is a DISCLAIMER IN RED - Do not adjust any preferences if you do not know what you are doing.  That scared me away!

Would like to see a way to BULK Process many photos at a time.
This would make the software more valuable to professionals and also to those who would rather not edit one at a time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

If you subscribe to the Adobe CC package for Photographers ($9.99) per month, you already know that you get LR, PS, Bridge and a few other programs.   

What many of us have overlooked is LR Mobile!  

Ever wanted your own photography website without the hassle of creating one?  Keep Reading….

LR Mobile automatically integrates with LR Desktop - it syncs the Collections that you want it to.  Simply by right clicking on a collection and choose sync!
What this does is gives you almost instant access to those images on your mobile devices. 

It ALSO gives creates a photo website of your own that you can share with your family and friends!  


Download the Adobe LR Mobile App on Android or APPLE
See, control and edit your images right on your tablet or phone!!!
All your edits..... YES they are transferred back to your computer!!!

Here is one of my LR Collections
you will notice you can click on each image, or play a slideshow with the button at the top right of the screen
There is no music yet but who knows maybe adobe will surprise later on.


1- Make sure while in LR Desktop you are Signed into LR Mobile
2- Create a collection of some images
3-Right Click on the Collection Name and choose SYNC WITH LR MOBILE
4- Right Click AGAIN on the Same Collection Name choose LR Mobile Links
5- Copy Public Link
6- Share the link

Note if the link is not already public, choose view on the web and click on the GEAR next to the name so that you can set the sharing settings

Happy Sharing