Saturday, November 19, 2016

A few weeks ago, I pulled out my Nikon F100 ordered some film on ebay
Then I went out to shoot.

I learned that you can easily get lax with digital.  Just knowing there were only 36 images on the roll, made me think about a lot of things.

1- I found myself purposely composing and recomposing before I shot
2- I checked and double checked the exposure settings before I pressed the shutter 
3- I even caught myself looking at the back of the camera, trying to see the photo I have just taken!  No LCD WOW!

After I finished the roll I brought it to a shop in Massapequa on Broadway
I paid $5 to develop the roll and $3 to put the images on a CD- (Prints were not included)

Then I waited and for a few days thought how embarrassed I would be if the photos did not look good.

To my surprise, The photos I took came out excellent and I was very pleased with the results and the whole experiment!

If you have a old film camera lying around, I highly recommend you try this.
You will learn a lot about the way you take pictures.

And it was fun too!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Loving Kizoa
These photos taken at PFLI Photorama  The animated collage is made with Kizoa

Check out for a free trial.  Note that free membership gives you limited quality images.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Flowers as presented by

Showing off your photos with Kizoa

A new photo hosting service provides several ways for you to share your photos with family and friends in exciting new ways!

As you can see by this post, Kizoa makes animated posters and what you dont see is that it makes video slideshows like no other service out there.

Kizoa does all this at a fraction of the cost of other services.

I USED to be a user paying $99 a year for pro level "Service"  The word service is in quotes because of the LACK of service and support from their parent company Carbonite.  Repeated failures of the system causing downtime for days at a time prompted me to look elsewhere.
I was about to settle on one of the other services when Kizoa was brought to my attention.

Kizoa  offers a PRO Level account for a ONE TIME Fee of $99!  Thats right I said a ONE TIME FEE.  If thats not crazy enough for you, then get on their email list and keep an eye out for one of their email coupons that gets you the Pro Service for $75bucks  WHAT A STEAL!!!

You should know that there is a free version of this subscription but your images are limited in size and as a result dont look that great when viewing full screen.  But you should at least try it for free and see if you would like to upgrade.

Watch for more videos from me, Im gettingKizoa-Crazy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The SpiderLight Hand Strap by Spider Holster

The SpiderLight Hand Strap

Hand grips for cameras offer stability while shooting and make holding the camera safely between shots a breeze.  However, some grips are bulky, somewhat heavy, and can become sweaty.  The new Spiderholster grip gives you the advantages of a hand grip, but none of those disadvantages. It's very light but strong, sturdy but not bulky, and thin so no sweat.  The special fabric liner helps comfort and makes it easy to slide your hand in and out. 

The Spiderholster strap, like all camera hand grips, add to the width of the camera, potentially making it more difficult to fit the camera into a bag for transport. This grip is pretty flexible, but if your camera bag fits tight adding any hand grip may be an issue.  If your camera stays in a studio, this would not be an issue. 

The grip comes with several adapter brackets to fit a variety of cameras.  The installation takes a few moments so plan on keeping the grip on that camera.  Transferring it to a second camera might be cumbersome, especially since the bottom screw that goes into your camera's tripod mount requires the supplied Allen wrench for installation and removal.  You can use your tripod plate in place of the screw, but an L bracket can restrict the opening size on mirrorless size cameras, but might not cause an issue on a larger DSLR size camera.

Tom Crosley