Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photo Plus Expo 2013

Cameras worth noting at Photo Plus Expo

Sony RX10 Bridge Camera
24-200 f2.8 lens  Constant 2.8 aperture!!! $1299

Sony A7 Interchangeable Lens FULL Frame Mirrorless Camera
There are two versions of this camera A7 and A7r.  Both full frame but this one is more reasonably priced.

20-1200 Zoom  Panasonic's new entry into mega-zoom bridge cameras.

Fuji has come out with some remarkable cameras lately. I have a X-pro-1 and a X-E1 both give extraordinary imaging.  Fuji one ups the X-E1 with the X-E2 model that has much faster focusing, wifi and other cool features...

.08 Sec Autofocus (Fuji Says its the worlds fastest)

My first digital camera was an Olympus, it served me well and I loved it.  Now with the OMD Mirrorless cameras from Olympus, you can put your DSLR away and step into the future today!  I was tempted to buy a OMD EM5 but now the EM1 has changed all that with features that only a PRO DSLR would have..  If your a pro or prosumer, check this camera out you will be blown away.

Olympus OMD - E-M1 Mirrorless Micro 4/3
1/8000 Shutter
5 axis Image Stabilization
Built in WIFI - Control Camera from phone or ipad


Nikon is supposed to be releasing a FULL FRAME Retro Mirrorless Camera that will accept F mount lenses
within the next few weeks.

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