Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Nikon Df Retro Full Frame Camera

I was lucky enough to get a loaner of a brand new Nikon Df.  This is Nikon’s first Retro camera and it quite beautiful to see!  

The camera came with a special edition 50mm 1.8 kit lens. When I picked it up I was surprised at the light weight, I though it was a demo that was hollow!

At first look, I became a little overwhelmed seeing all the retro dials and wondered if the camera would be easy to use, but within five minutes of exploring it, I was very comfortable and easily remembered where everything was.

All the dials are analog, with the exception of the aperture dial which I call a crossover, the dial is analog but the readings are digital.

I found the camera to be very responsive.  The images are outstanding but they should be since this camera shares its sensor with the top of the line Nikon D4.

What I love:

The camera feels great in your hand.
All the dials have a lock, so you can’t accidentally change them.
When you turn the camera on, all the settings are displayed on the LCD nice and big so even I can see them!
Focusing is quick and accurate
Images are superb!
Images are superb!
Images are superb!
I enjoyed experimenting with the in camera editing.
The camera is a real eye catcher and people notice it.  I made a few new friends that approached me to ask about the camera!


The on / off dial might be easier to use if there was a little lever on the front of it, rather than being completely round.  I found that sometimes I needed two fingers to turn it on.  The lever would make this a one finger operation.

The program mode dial is a little cumbersome to change, you have to lift to turn and its a bit awkward for me.  I also found that while trying to change to one mode I accidentally got another.  This could possibly be partially my fault because I need new reading glasses.

The placement of the camera strap connector on the shutter side of the camera seems to get in the way of your grip.  I found myself putting the strap between my index and middle finger.  Using a Rapid Strap solves this problem.

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