Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The SpiderLight Hand Strap by Spider Holster

The SpiderLight Hand Strap

Hand grips for cameras offer stability while shooting and make holding the camera safely between shots a breeze.  However, some grips are bulky, somewhat heavy, and can become sweaty.  The new Spiderholster grip gives you the advantages of a hand grip, but none of those disadvantages. It's very light but strong, sturdy but not bulky, and thin so no sweat.  The special fabric liner helps comfort and makes it easy to slide your hand in and out. 

The Spiderholster strap, like all camera hand grips, add to the width of the camera, potentially making it more difficult to fit the camera into a bag for transport. This grip is pretty flexible, but if your camera bag fits tight adding any hand grip may be an issue.  If your camera stays in a studio, this would not be an issue. 

The grip comes with several adapter brackets to fit a variety of cameras.  The installation takes a few moments so plan on keeping the grip on that camera.  Transferring it to a second camera might be cumbersome, especially since the bottom screw that goes into your camera's tripod mount requires the supplied Allen wrench for installation and removal.  You can use your tripod plate in place of the screw, but an L bracket can restrict the opening size on mirrorless size cameras, but might not cause an issue on a larger DSLR size camera.

Tom Crosley

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